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    A manager and professional sales executive will lead a team focussed on working towards generating the maximum sales result for your property.
    Accurate property evaluations are critical to sales success. Our agents have acquired extraordinary expertise over years working in all market conditions.
    Stand out advertising, magnificent photography and a totally integrated marketing programme are the hallmarks of our specialised campaigns.
    A comprehensive database of thousands of qualified buyers is expertly managed to match the right buyers with your property for sales success.
    The most successful and highly respected team of property negotiators will extract the maximum price for your property.
    You will be fully informed every step of the sales process and your invaluable input and approval of all images, copy, and marketing will be sought.

Selling with Us:

Selling with Us:

When the time comes to sell your home or property, many options exist. Understanding what would be most effective can become confusing. At Long Vision Real Estate, we know those options and will help you determine what is best for you. Our team works together with you so not only are you given a specialist, but an entire support staff to ensure your home is sold efficiently and quickly. We understand the market for your specific property, and ensure that interested parties are made aware of it too. As we are a more person-focused company, we are able to devote more personal care into your sale. We can work with clients better than a much larger firm where many feel as though they are reduced to being just another number. Long Vision Real Estate will ensure you are treated fairly on a personal basis.

High Profile Marketing:

We are marketer leaders in creative marketing, and working with our expert staff will provide you with a great opportunity to customizing a selling plan that fits your budget and campaign. What makes us stand out is the creative use of Video Marketing, Social Media, state of the art 3D virtual property tours. Through thoughtful and appropriate photographs of your property, we can draw attention of potential buyers. Comprehensive knowledge and images of your home both inside and out can enhance our ability to create interest. Using tools like radio adverts and newspapers, potential buyers can get a true feel for the location and are assured that this is a property that fits their needs. The internet is an invaluable tool in today’s market, and we will list your home online as well, allowing a wide variety of prospective buyers to see at a moment’s notice at any time.


Long Vision Real Estate also provides appraisal services, meaning we can help determine the value of your home. A professional will visit your home or property, and determine the size, condition, quality and function of the home. After going over the details of a property, the data is compared to similar and neighboring properties to determine the exact value of your home. This will help determine the cost and selling points of your property to go over with our talented agents.

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